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The Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) program is for school-aged children and their parents or guardians. The worker assesses your needs, builds a plan, and connects you with resources and services in the school system and community. They help you understand how the school system works and what they expect from students and families.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call +1 867-680-0610 Ext.105 or email

You are eligible for this service if you are:

  • A Permanent Resident or are the process of becoming one
  • A Refugee or Protected Person

Members of the Advisory Committee

  • Jean-Marie Mariez : Supervisor of instruction – French programs (Yellowknife District 1)
  • Seana Stewart : Regional Inclusive Schooling Coordinator (Yellowknife Catholic Schools)
  • Yvonne Careen : Superintendent (Commission Scolaire francophone des TNO)
  • Danielle Couture : Educator Certification and Learning Management Coordinator. Department of Education, Culture and Employment.
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