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Francophone Immigration Network

The Northwest Territories Francophone Immigration Networks or Réseau en immigration francophone des Territoires du Nord-Ouest (RIFTNO) is a group of organizations in the Northwest Territories that provide French-language services to newcomers. Since its creation in 2010 with funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, members and partners have been working together to ensure that French-speaking newcomers are well supported in their transition to the North. The Fédération franco-ténoise is proud to be the trustee of RIFTNO.

Yellowknife Immigration Partnership

The Yellowknife Immigration Partnership (YIP) is a consultative body that works collaboratively with stakeholders and partners to:

  • Make sure partners know about and get involved with the process to integrate newcomers to the community.
  • Support community-based research and priorities.
  • Implement a settlement strategy and action plans.
  • Better coordinate services that help settlement and integration.
  • Improve immigrant access to the labour market.
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